Our Goal!

This year, pledges from Exile Island

Moncton will help local children like Ayla realize

her wish of going on a Disney cruise

with her family.


Find out more about Ayla's story below!

We had just returned from a family trip and the first week back Ayla was not acting like herself.  She had a constant fever that we just couldn’t break. After going to a few doctors we were repeatedly told it must be a viral infection and would pass within 48 hours. Finally 2 days later, Ayla was at her worst.  She would not walk or play with any toys and had to be carried everywhere.  I called the After Hours clinic and they said that if we got her there before they closed, she could be seen.

What happened after that was the start of a crazy 48 hour period that we will never forget.  The doctor who saw Ayla that Saturday in the clinic advised that we should get blood work done and sent us immediately. I took Ayla to the Dumont for blood work straight away while my husband  reamained at home with our other son, who was 7 months old at the time.

I called my husband in a panic after hearing the blood-test results, telling him that Ayla had a serious blood disorder but that I did not know anything else as of yet. When my husband arrived the pediatrician said that it looked like Ayla had leukemia and that we were going to be going to the IWK in Halifax the next day. Ayla needed two blood transfusions that night before going to the IWK. The doctors said her blood counts were so low that if we had gotten in a car accident that she would not have survived.

We left for Halifax on Sunday in an ambulance, and on Tuesday, Ayla was officially diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). We stayed at the IWK for 15 days, which we never would have made it through without the surprise visits from our friends and family back home. Those visits helped us realize what great friends and family we have, and it made us realize we could get through this.

We have gone through a lot of ups and down over the past few years. Steroids were so difficult on Ayla and on all of us. Her whole personality changed when on these drugs. She was on these for 5 days a month and we dreaded it every time they came. Even trying to get Ayla to take her medicine was a challenge, some days she took up to 7 chemo pills. These past 2 1/2 years have been very difficult, and a stressful time for our family. We are so happy to have the opportunity for Ayla to receive a wish from The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada so our family can reconnect. We look forward to spending this vacation together and Ayla can't wait to meet the Disney Princesses on our Disney Cruise.

- Wish Mom, Kelly