The Wish Children

One of Dominique’s favourite activities is swimming and so it would seem natual that she would ask to have a swimming pool for her wish.  She is an energetic 4 year old and enjoys playing with her sister, Gabrielle and mom Emma and father Alain and especially splashing in her pool.  Emma will be able to enjoy her pool for years to come and will practice her swimming skills and maybe one day, who knows,  she may even go to the Olympics, because she knows that dreams do come true!

When twelve year old Isa-Bella’s wish was approved, she knew almost immediately what her wish would be.  She wanted to tour the Rockies with her twin sister Danyka and her parents, Joanne and Daniel, by train.  What an awesome way to see a spectacular part of our amazing Country!

They spent seven days and seven nights visiting and staying in various places, such as Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper and seeing the local sights.  Highlights of her wish were a Gondola Ride, horseback riding, exploring the Athabasca Glacier and the Jasper-Yellowhead Museum.  As any teenage girl would, they made some time for a little shopping to purchase a keepsake souvenir!  Her trip was rounded off with some amazing and unforgettable scenery as the train made its way through the Rockies and on to Vancouver for their return flight back to Moncton.

 Jade wished to take a Disney land sea cruise with her family.  They spent four fun filled days at Disneyworld, where she had her picture taken with lots of her favourite Disney characters, riding the wild roller coasters and taking in the endless amazing sights, then it was on to a three day Disney Cruise.  Jade and her family spent three days on the Disney Wonder, cruising to Nassau, and Castaway Cay, the Disney Island before returning to Port Canaveral for the return home.  Jade said her wish trip was unbelievable and the time spent with her family was unforgettable and just what they all needed.

Caroline is a somewhat quiet, yet tenacious 13 year old girl who is determined to make the best of any situation.  Her wish for a pool so that she could go swimming anytime she wanted came true this summer and she is enjoying it to the fullest with her brothers and parents, Paul and Louiselle.  Caroline is slowly loosing her eyesight, but that hasn’t stopped her from splashing and swimming in her pool and keeping her brothers on their toes!  With the great summer weather NB is enjoying this year, they are all getting great enjoyment from Caroline’s wish.

Twelve-year-old Noamie wished to go to Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida with her mom, dad and brother.

Her wish was to have tea and meet the Disney Princesses and so Children’s Wish arranged for Noamie to go to the Perfectly Princess Tea Party at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Garden View Tea Lounge.  She and her mother enjoyed mingling with the many beautiful Disney Princesses and sipping tea and munching cupcakes.  A little girl’s dream comes true! 

She and her family spent a week at Give Kids the World and also had three days at Disneyworld, two days at Universal Studios and one day at Seaworld, quite a busy week, but one that is sure to be remembered and cherished for years to come as she relives those magical moments with her family.  A week where the family is able to leave the hospital visits and illness behind them, for at least one week.

Fourteen year old Dalton was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2009 and is a huge country music fan.  He was referred to the Foundation for a wish by a Social Worker at the hospital where he has been receiving his treatments. 

Dalton knew exactly what he wanted for his wish, to meet Toby Keith and attend one of his concerts.  Children’s Wish made arrangements for the meet with Toby to be held at his concert in Toronto.  Dalton was over the moon with excitement and anticipation as he continued with his treatments, which meant spending weeks away from his home, friends and family.  Knowing that he would be spending the week in Toronto with his parents and best friend, kept him focused and gave him the strength to endure the harsh reality of the treatments, which was now a part of their daily routine.

Dalton and his family spent the week in Toronto, staying at a beautiful hotel in the downtown area, which was centrally located to all the tourist attractions.  While there, they visited the CN Tower, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto Zoo, and Canada’s Wonderland, but the highlight of the trip was when he got to meet Toby and be at the concert.

Dalton is a remarkable young man, who will be finishing his treatments soon.  He still talks about his wish trip and the great times he and his family had.

Fourteen year old Kathleen who was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, which is a rare disorder that results in a person to have too many of a certain type of white blood cell. 

Kathleen lives in a lovely older home with her parents and brother and her wish was to have a bedroom makeover, a special space, and an oasis to retreat to, where she can entertain her friends or take the time for one of her favourite pastimes, sketching and painting.     

Kathleen’s older sister Rachel was instrumental in helping Kathleen pick out the items for her new room, such as the bed, dressers, linens for the bed, window treatments, as well as the colour scheme, aqua and purple.  This has all resulted in a room which is truly magical and welcoming, from the crystal chandelier to the small electric fireplace and the warmth of the scatter rugs on the floor.  Kathleen feels that her new room is an amazing place she can go for some quiet time or having sleepovers with her friends.

Your involvement in Exile Island 2013 will help grant 5 wishes to children who have a life threatening illness. Makenna, a sweet 3 year old who was diagnosed with congenital muscular dystrophy, has one wish - to go to Disneyworld with her family and meet Buzz Lightyear from the movie Toy Story... and
this year her wish will be granted at Exile Island!

We had just returned from a family trip to Florida in April 2011 and the first week back Ayla was not acting like herself.  She had a constant fever that we just couldn’t break. After going to a few doctors we were repeatedly told it must be a viral infection and would pass within 48 hours. Finally 2 days later, Ayla was at her worst.  She would not walk or play with any toys and had to be carried everywhere.  I called the After Hours clinic and they said that if we got her there before they closed, which was at 4, she could be seen.


What happened after that was the start of a crazy 48 hour period that we will never forget.  The doctor who saw Ayla that Saturday in the clinic advised that we should get blood work done and sent us immediately. Straight away I took Ayla to the Dumont for blood work while my husband was still at home with Ayden, who was 7 months old at the time.


I called my husband in a panic after hearing the blood-test results, telling him that Ayla had a serious blood disorder but that I did not know anything else as of yet. When my husband arrived the pediatrician said that it looked like Ayla had leukemia and that we were going to be going to the IWK in Halifax the next day. Ayla needed two blood transfusions that night before going to the IWK. The doctors said her blood counts were so low that if we had gotten in a car accident that she would not have survived.


We left for Halifax on Sunday in an ambulance, and on Tuesday, Ayla was officially diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). We stayed at the IWK for 15 days, which we never would have made it through without the surprise visits from our friends and family back home. Those visits helped us realize what great friends and family we have, and it made us realize we could get through this.


We have gone through a lot of ups and down over the past few years. Steroids were so difficult on Ayla and on all of us. Her whole personality changed when on these drugs. She was on these for 5 days a month and we dreaded it every time they came. Even trying to get Ayla to take her medicine was a challenge, some days she took up to 7 chemo pills. These past 2 1/2 years have been very difficult, and a stressful time for our family. We are so happy to have the opportunity for Ayla to receive a wish from the Wish Foundation so our family can reconnect. We look forward to spending this vacation together and Ayla can't wait to meet the Disney Princesses on our Disney Cruise.