WATCH: What is Exile Island?

Exile Island is Newfoundland & Labrador’s most exciting pledge based fundraiser, and is brought to you by the Children’s Wish Foundation; Canada’s authority on wish granting.

Exile Island merges the ancient concept of island banishment with the excitement of the reality TV show Survivor and its challenges. This team building event is a highly successful and completely unique experience.

Each corporate tribe of 10 is paired with a wish child. Their first challenge is to raise a minimum of $10,000 to grant that child’s wish, by September 23rd, 2016 when they will be banished to Exile Island (a secret location) to compete for tribe supremacy.

While on the “Island” participants will compete in challenges designed to test them both mentally and physically. Each challenge rewards the winners with points or valuable resources to make their stay on the “island” more comfortable.

Exile Island 2016 Tribes: Do You Have What It Takes To Be Exiled?

Tribe Terra Nova Motors (2015 Ulitimate Exile Champions)

Tribe EY Wish Heroes

Tribe A. Harvey's Angels

Tribe Vigilant Management

Tribe Wood Group PSN Scarlett Knights

Tribe Wood Group PSN Wish Warriors

Tribe Scotia Wealth Management

Tribe Wish Women

Tribe Kaitlyn's Crew

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(Your Tribe Here)

(Your Tribe Here)

To register a team for Exile Island 2016, please call Dave Walsh 1-800-267-WISH. Or email