The Wish Children

Meet Jorja

Jorja is one busy five year old! She's a going concern with so many interests that she cannot name a favorite, anything. Well maybe spaghetti, garlic bread, and chocolate. But she loves all books, movies, and music... then there are so many games and activities she enjoys with friends at school and with her cousin, Haley. Jorja also adores all animals, which is why she has her mind set on becoming a veterinairian when she grows up. Jorja has a quiet, ambitious nature, and takes her courageous battle with Leukemia in stride, on day at a time.

Oh yes, she does have a favorite color - purple. It's a royal color and perhaps inspires her dearest wish, to visit Cinderella at her regal home in Disney for a lunch date!

Meet Scarlett

Three year old Scarlett has very explicit tastes! This includes a wide array of comfort foods like Aero Bars, and vanilla cake. She loves movies and stories like The Little Mermaid, The Cat in the Hat, and Brown Bear. And Scarlett simply loves her goldendoodle, Lucy. What's most intriguing about this young lady is that she's somewhat of a romantic. In fact, when witnessing a "first kiss" in one of her favorite movies, this non-verbal darling exhibits a most charming and bashful response. She first smiles, then giggles, laughs, and shrieks! She seems to understand the meeting of love's first kiss and that a miracle is taking place.

Makes no wonder that her dearest wish is a Disney Land & Sea Adventure to experience her most coveted dream - a place where princesses rule the land and wishes come true.

Meet Kyra

When a young lady has a fish and hedgehog as pets and cites 5 hues as her favorite colors, you know that she is an independent thinker. 11 year old Kyra has very unique, diverse tastes - from bacon to chocolate, exploring on her iPod to the great outdoors, and being entertained by "My Little Pony" and "Guardians of the Galaxy!"

Kyra also lives with Long QT; a heart rhythm condition that can potentially cause fast, chaotic heartbeats, which may cause a diverse array of events, including instant fainting, seizures, and even sudden death.

Kyra certainly needs more pleasurable events to look forward to, like a trip to the magical world of Disney. Most specifically the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, at Magic Kingdom Park where little girls become transformed in princesses.

Meet Chloe

Ten year old Chloe is a delightful, easygoing young lady who isn't hard to please. When asked her favorite foods, she suggests, "anything!" She loves playing with her dolls and indurtriously making crafts by cutting paper shapes and glueing them together. The Disney Theme in her favorite piece of music, her beloved colour is blue, and she's tremendously inspired by princesses. Applearing shy and gentle you would never know that Chloe fearlessly battles a life-threatening heart condition every day of her life.

Chloe's most hearfelt wish is a reprieve from numerous medical visits - to take a magical Disney Land & Sea Cruise with her family.

Meet Grace

It's quite easy to define this elegant 16 year old... her name says it all - Grace; a person possessing natural loveliness and charm. This gentle spirited teen has some pretty unique preferences - most pop music, sophiticated international cuisine, playing clarinet, skiing, a diverse assortment of cinema, and classic board games like Clue. Okay she does admit some guilty pleasures like salt and vinegar chips and chocolate. But you can't blame her; she is for the most part a typical kid! A kid with a passion for seeing the world, and defeating lukemia, the life-threatening illness she manages every day.

It's her most heartfelt wish to experience for herself all the wonders of Greece. She says. "The culture, the food, and scenery have been something I've longed to see close up." She continues. "I'd love to see the ruins of Athens... but Santorini is my dream destination."

Meet Kyle

For 5 year old Kyle, every experience in his life is a dazzling wonder. He simply loves exploring his beautiful world in rural Newfoundland with his beloved pooch Jellybean. He’s a car and truck enthusiast… toast and pizza are his desired snacks. He knows how to put a creative spin on a simple game of ball. Kyle adores his class at school citing gym period and music as his favourite organized activities. And Kyle simply adores Keira - his ultimate inspiration and big sister. Ironically, the thing that best characterizes this beautiful little man also threatens his life – his enlarged heart. But it’s a battle that he’s courageously winning.

 Kyle’s supreme wish enhances his favourite place to play – outdoors. He would dearly love a playground with swings.

Meet Caitlin

Teenage years can be extremely harrowing. It’s an age when youths seek to establish their own identities while conforming for acceptance to a greater clique. This is true for Caitlin. She’s a typical teen. She loves all the “cool” stuff just like her peers – sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, a variety of team sports, shopping at the trendy teen stores, scrumptious foods, and being creative with photography and sketching.

One thing that sets Caitlin apart from her peers is the illness she manages every day of her life - True Venous Vascular Malformation. It’s a condition that causes the appearance of bruising and swelling on her face and neck. Eating and swallowing is a problem, and she is often prevented from taking part in the activities she loves due to the risk of fatal injury. Thankfully, several out-of-province medical procedures have helped enormously, however there is still more support required.

Caitlin’s greatest wish is entirely based on a luxurious escape for her and her family – a glorious week at the Grand Palladium Resort in Jamaica! It’s an ideal getaway from teenage angst and the stresses of medical challenges she faces every day. 

Meet Kiana

Kiana is a “go with the flow” kind of teenager. Her favourite music? Anything with a fast dance beat. Her favourite cake? Any kind… after all its cake! Her favourite activity with her family? You guessed it, any kind… as long as she’s spending quality time with them. Kiana does, however, have a very unique interest – Fire Alarms! She finds them absolutely fascinating. In fact, she has collected thousands of pictures of them. Another unique fact about this young lady; she was born with a chromosome disorder and must live with the extreme and sever conditions caused by this illness every day. But the bravery illustrated by this tough kid inspires her family and her entire community.

Kiana’s greatest wish is an oasis of peace and tranquility for an entire week – a private and secluded retreat in Orlando, Florida, full of sand and sun surrounded by her loving family.

Meet Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is 5 years old. She’s a happy, high-spirited kid who persistently presents her inner joy with a tremendously infectious smile. Make no wonder If you’re happy and you know it is her favourite song and personal mantra. She loves all sorts of books, playtime with her younger sister, and she can’t get enough of chocolate. Kaitlyn is, quite simply, a living doll. It’s unfortunate that her motor skills fail to keep up with her enthusiasm. Kaitlyn lives with a form of Cerebral Palsy called spastic tetraplegic, a condition that affects all four limbs and is characterized by stiff, jerky movements stemming from hypertonia of the muscles.

So what would be the ultimate wish for Kaitlyn? The power of stable mobility - a Hippocampe with ski kit and a host of accessories. It’s a modified wheelchair that will provide Kaitlyn the freedom to enjoy life outdoors in any environment – land, water and snow.