Outsmart, Outplay, Outpledge -

FRIDAY OCTOBER 28TH, 2016 The Children's Wish Children/Families/Volunteers will be welcoming the following teams:

Canadian Tire
Charlee's Pride
The Wish Genies
Sampson McPhee
Marconi Madness #1
Marconi Madness #2

What Is It?

Exile Island, Canada's one of a kind pledge raising event, is brought to you by The Children’s Wish Foundation. Tribes of 5 team members will be exiled for an afternoon of challenges, competition, fundraising and wish granting to determine who will become Cape Breton's ultimate survivor!


Why Participate?

As tribe members, your goal is to raise a minimum of $1000 in pledges or $5000 per team to directly support the granting of a child's wish. With average costs running at $10,000 per wish, your generosity ensures that the deserving children and families we serve enjoy the magic of dreams come true.

Tribes will be exiled to Outsmart, Outplay and Outpledge. A series of challenges will test mental, creative and physical abilities to determine who is going to be Cape Breton's ultimate survivors. Your prize is the immunity idol and granting a child their special wish.

How Can You Get Involved?

Be a part of this unique experience and take pride in your efforts knowing that your contribution has had a profoundly positive impact in the life of a child. Participate as an event sponsor, sign up as a battalion captain or join an existing team.

For more information contact:
Cathy Sutherland
Development Coordinator
Email: cathy,sutherland@childrenswish.ca
Phone: 902-539-7076 or 1-800-267-9474 ext 6