The Wish Children

At just 2 months old Rylan got sick. After multiple trips to the doctor with no solutions he was sent to the IWK at 4 months old. By the time Rylan was 6 months old he was diagnosed with IPEX Syndrome which attacks major organs and tissues. Without treatment he wouldn't have reached his 2nd birthday. His family decided to take him to Montreal where he received a bone marrow transplant at just 8 months old. The first attempt was unsuccessful so they tried again when he was 14 months old. Rylan will be part of the IWK for most of his life and he has already danced his way into many hearts – he loves to dance to the Gummy Bears on YouTube, and loves balloons. With treatment, there is hope that he will one day live a ‘normal’ life. His mom says, “Rylan has an endless amount of courage and bravery; he’s a true warrior and the meaning of the word 'fighter'.” At almost 3 years old Rylan loves Sesame Street, and can’t wait for his wish trip. He is so excited to be a part of the Children’s Wish family, and is thinking he might like to go to Disney for his wish.

As a joyful 4 year old, Katie decided she wanted to be a model, and would work the runway anywhere she went. Now an outgoing, karaoke singing, ice cream cake loving 12 year old, you would never know that she lives with Cystic Fibrosis, a severe, progressive disease that primarily affects her lungs and digestive system.

While in the hospital as a newborn, Katie was coughing more than any “Normal” newborn and the doctors decided to do more testing which is when they discovered she had Cystic Fibrosis.

Her mom, Niki, says that her heart was broken when they found out Katie had been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, but she won the hearts of the staff at the IWK with her infectious smile and her willingness to go to any lengths to put a smile on someone’s face.

Katie is carefully choosing what her most heartfelt wish will be, as she wants to be sure it is absolutely perfect.   Her family is very much looking forward to the opportunity to honour Katie and all of her hard work. Niki says that Katie is “always up for anything,” and is “truly a precious gift to the entire family”. 

At 19 months old, Dante had an uncomfortable lump on the right side of his belly.  The lump quickly went from bothersome to dangerous, as doctors discovered it was a cancerous tumor that needed to be removed along with his right kidney.  Dante’s mom, Kristy, said that they were just trying to “get through each day” as they continued to receive “heart breaking” news each step of the way.  Instead of leaving the hospital worry free after a successful surgery, the family was told that Dante would need to endure 18 weeks of chemotherapy.  Within days of starting his chemotherapy, Dante’s cancer had spread to his lymph nodes and surrounding tissue, so another six weeks of chemotherapy plus radiation was added to his treatment plan.  There were days when this little boy, not even two years old, was so sick that he “couldn’t even find the strength to sit up” and would often be isolated for weeks at a time to limit the risk of him catching an illness.

The summer of 2016 brought some much needed good news for Dante and his family.  In June, after more than six months of grueling treatment, Dante’s cancer was in remission.  While there are 10 years of follow up appointments and testing scheduled for Dante, the family is beginning to focus on happier times, like choosing a very special wish to help celebrate this energetic little boy.  The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, Nova Scotia Chapter, is looking forward to hearing all about Dante’s most heartfelt wish and providing him an opportunity to make some wonderful memories with his family

When Charlee was only days old she developed pneumonia and had to be transferred to the IWK for more testing. At only 2 months old she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis which affects both her lungs and her digestive system. To be on the safe side, mom and dad had her siblings tested and her brother was diagnosed just one month later.

Her parents always say that Charlee is her brother's keeper because if it wasn't for her they would have never known that her brother had the same illness. This brave little girl visits the IWK every 3 months for tests and check-ups, and we just know that she charmed her way into the hearts of the CF team with her smile. Listening to Taylor Swift and Disney music helps her pass the time, as well as watching hockey and reading about Snow White.

Charlee is a wonderful little princess with a smile that could light up a room...she never complains about anything that she has been through, she is one tough little cookie,” says her mom. This 6 year old is full of life and loves all things pink, Kinder Surprise Eggs, the Philadelphia Flyers, Frozen, eating hamburgers and chocolate ice cream. She can’t wait to go to Disney World to become a ‘real’ princess at the Bibbity Boppity Boutique and visit Lego Land.

Luke’s mum and dad will always remember June 8th, the day their happy-go-lucky little boy was born.  It was also the day he was diagnosed with a rare condition called Vacterl Association, a condition where he is missing a piece of his spine,  has 1 enlarged kidney, and abnormalities with hands (just to name a few).

During the 5 short years of his life to date he has gone through 6 surgeries so far, yet his parents are amazed at his strength saying “nothing brings him down. “

Luke is a very active little boy who loves soccer, eating chicken pot pie, and anything “Tupi & Bino. “  Luke has a contagious smile, and has said that his favourite teacher is his big sister Brea.

Luke is still deciding on what his most heartfelt wish will be, and in the meantime is enjoying being part of the Children’s Wish family and helping out in any way he can.